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Welcome to Brett Lawrence's Author Site!

My name is Brett Lawrence and thanks for stopping by to check out what's happening with my just published book, Shadow Guardians by Martin Sisters Publishing.  It is a science fiction story set in the present day starting with a setting in the Tacoma/Puget Sound then carries on into the depths of space.  There has been a long-asked question that goes, do aliens exist among us on Earth?  Well, Shadow Guardians tells us that such is the case, being closer than anyone could imagine and for reasons that are ominous in their implications.


I will leave it with that teaser.  Since Shadow Guardians is currently out, why not pick up a copy and enjoy?  It is my sincerest hope that you will have as much fun in reading it as I did in writing it.  In the meantime, have a look around my website as it develops and get to know me and what's coming in the future. If you want to drop me a line you can always write in the guestbook.


By the way, go the new page section to see a cove image of my book, Shadow Guardians.


Shadow Guardians is available in both hardcopy and e-book versions at,, and other outlets. Also, look me up on for more information of Shadow Guardians, reviews, ratings, and profies.