Brett's Universe
Brett's Universe

About Me

Name: Brett Lawrence
Hometown: Lakewood, WA

Hobbies: Church, rock hounding and lapidary, writing, astronomy, walking
Music: Smooth jazz, contemporary, oldies
Movies: Star Trek, Star Wars, action
Languages: English, some Spanish



My motto: John 14:6 "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes unto the Father but through Me

Hi. My name is Brett Lawrence, and I live in Lakewood, Washington just south of Tacoma with my beautiful wife Sherry and family. I am currently employed by the State of Washington and have been so for nearly 35 years.  I also have a bachelor's degree in law and justice from Central Washington University.


We have been married for almost 37 years and took our vows here at the First Baptist Church of Lakewood.  Among my interests are church, writing, rockhounding and lapidary, and astronomy and space travel.  Throw in a good movie and some Star Wars books and that sort of rounds me out.  As for rockhounding, it was in an elective geology class in college that I happened to meet Sher back in 1975.


Speaking of space travel, I am presently published by Martin Sisters Publishing with my first novel, Shadow Guardians.  It is a science fiction piece set in the present day initially here in the Tacoma/Puget Sound area.  Then the story blasts off for deep space in a wild chase across the heavens with a small band of intrepid characters being chased by the bad guys.  If all goes well and as planned there may be at least two more follow on works.  We shall see.


Shadow Guardians is one of several stories that I have penned, though the first to make it out in the greater universe.  It is sort of my baby and what I hope to be a the start of a long and productive writing career once my time with the state is over and I am retired.  It is  so much fun to create one's own universe, characters, dialogue, and the events that are contained within.


My second main interest is rocks and minerals.  We live in a great part of the country where God has blessed us with a bounty of really neat material here in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  I love going out when I can spare the time and "play in the dirt" to find all sorts of nice things.  I have a lapidary setup and have taken to making gem boxes out of agate, jasper, petrified wood, obsidian, and other materials.  It is neat to be able to have what might look like an ordinary rock, slice it up, and finally take it to individual pieces and then to a finished box.


A number of my co-workers have told me over the years they would not know what to do with themselves upon retirement.  Well, as Alf from Melmac would say, "No problem!" With the above two activities and should the Good Lord tarry that will not be an issue with me.  One shall see what one shall see!


Again, we shall see what the future for this series and beyond!