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Brett's Universe

My Hobbies

I'm a sort of laid back person, though I have an eclectic interest in a number of activities.  Besides being involved in my writing and getting published, I like to walk, hang out with my lovely wife, donate platelets, read books, watch a good movie, to name a few things.  Of particular and long enduring interest have been rockhounding/lapidary and astronomy/space travel.  As for the latter, I have had an interest since I was a little kid and being awestruck as NASA was just beginning to fling the first satellites, probes, and astronauts into the unknown cosmos.  Those were heady days back then, when Telstar, the Pioneers, Lunar Orbiters, Mercury and Gemini blazed their way into the heavens.  Of the former, a geology class in college was where I happened to meet Sherry back in 1975/1976.


Then there is the happy history of the both of us being Air Force brats. That has helped me have an abiding interest in aviation history and aircraft, particuarly military.  Maybe one day, should, things work out, a pilot's license might be an opportunity worth pursuing.